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Offshore Real Estate and Asset Protection

Offshore Real Estate Consulting

& International Property Asset Protection

The primary goal for most people considering investment in offshore real estate and international property assets is to legally reduce tax liabilities while at the same time maximizing asset protection and safeguarding property investment.

There are several different considerations to take in to account when choosing an offshore real estate or investment vehicle to protect your assets:

  • How the local laws apply to real estate investments
  • Local taxation in the country in which the property investments is being purchased
  • Exposure to currency exchange rates and the associated risks and opportunities
  • Your personal or company goals regarding international property investment and asset protection

Owning offshore real estate or other assets can provide a safe haven for your wealth during times of political and economic uncertainty but it is vital to find the right strategy for your individual or corporate needs.

By selecting the right international real estate or property investment, you can:

  • Legitimately reduce tax liabilities
  • Protect assets from being frozen or confiscated
  • Minimize financial, legal and reputation risk
  • Reduce bank fees through lower transaction costs and by eliminating exchange rates
  • Simplification of bureaucratic intervention
  • Exemption of customs and duty on imports and exports

How to find the right overseas property investment or offshore real estate for you.

Quite simply, you should consult an expert if you want to avoid costly mistakes. offers an independent, confidential and unbiased offshore consulting service with expert advice gained from many years of first-hand experience of meeting offshore banking needs for clients from around the world.

Through our network of experts in offshore real estate consulting which include local attorneys, local accountants, offshore attorneys, and accountants well versed in international taxation we can guide you towards making the right overseas real estate investment decisions.

These professionals can assist you in the following areas of setting up offshore structures for international property investments:

  • Offshore LLC’s
  • Offshore Corporations
  • International Trusts
  • Self Directed IRAs

Please contact us for more information on our offshore real estate consulting and international property asset protection services.

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